Yeah... Good question mate.

AMOR E PAZ CLUB is an artistic studio based in La Ciotat, France.

(La Ciotat Harbor)

La Ciotat is a small beach town near Marseille. The lifestyle here is quiet simple and pleasent : do water sports during the day, then go grab beers (or pastis) with your friends at your local bar on the harbor. If you feel brave enough, you can stop at every bar along your road. Do the same thing the next day or choose to refuel energy by sleeping your feet stuck in the sand.

AMOR E PAZ CLUB draws its inspiration mainly from this City and the lifestyle that comes with it. The result is often raw and groovy designs printed on clothing or goodies. More than just clothing and goodies, this is a way of living life that we showcase. A life full of pleasures and memories. So we see ourselves, not as a brand, but as a studio that happen to also sells merch. The goal is to create, organise or document anything that can fit our DNA : Music, Party, Painting, Photography, Film, Surf, Clothing... So do not be surprised if we throw a surf contest, document it, have an after party with a dj set where we sell merch and teach painting classes !

(Initials AP baseball hat from the "LOVEMBER" collection)

In a nutshell, AMOR E PAZ CLUB is a groovy, raw, punk, free, rock n roll, open-minded, fun, friendly, welcoming artistic studio run by surfers (kooks and experts).

(Louis Demessine, Local Surf Instructor wearing an AMOR E PAZ CLUB longsleeve tee)

So, are you one of us ?????

(Paul Labarthe, AMOR E PAZ CLUB member enjoying a nap by a pool during a great summer afternoon in La Ciotat)