After almost a year without you guys having heard of us, we decided it was time to come back. But, the question was, how to come back properly ?

Instinctively, we decided the best was to go back to our roots. "AMOR E PAZ" "PEACE AND LOVE" "AMOUR ET PAIX", it sounds like a motto, but it is way more than that... PEACE but especially LOVE here, we can feel it from our toes to our heads stopping by our hearts obviously. 

Having in head a clear vision of our project, of who we are as persons but also as a group and as an artistic sutio, we decided we should drop a collection of clothes and goodies that talk about love, in its purest and most honest way : rawly, without any precaution or restraint.

It was time for LOVEMBER to come to reality. T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, beanies, bucket hats, corduroy hats, baseball hats, goodies, all embellished with kitsch prints or embroideries and available for a month only... isn't that love at first sight ?


(Heart Grey Unisex Hoodie from the "LOVEMBER" collection)

(Pack your beers inside)

(You do not have to be a hunter to wear camo)

(Love is Wavy)